My FUTURE goals

Below you will find how I plan to continue my career after the end of the BTS SIO

Short term goals

It is certain that after completing the Vocational Bachelor I will want to register for a professional master, to get closer and closer to my goal which is to become SYS ADMIN.
In parallel, I will specialize in the branch of Cybersécurity, by learning more about it and also following the people that i consider “the best” in this industry.
And as it said : “You are a product of our environment, surround yourself with the best of the best.”
After having read and consulted many opinions, i realized that it is potentially preferable, after the “licence pro”, to continue my course by integrating a “Master Pro”.
The idea is to continue the path alternately and at the same time, pass certifications in the area that interests me.

One of my short-term goals is also to learn English well, then to get at least a DELF C1 certification, in order to have a solid foundation in the most important language worldwide.

My two main passions

It would be obvious to say that my main passion is related to IT, therefore to the studies that I am doing.
But it’s true, my main passion is that, and I’m sure it’s for a simple reason: when I work, I’m not one of those people who can’t wait to be Friday to do something different. On the contrary, on weekends I study / learn to improve my knowledge.
On top of that, I also devote some of my time to the world of personal finance. In short, this means that I am meticulous about the inflows and outflows of my capital. It also means that I am active in the investment world.
A great investor once said: “If you don’t take care of the economy, the economy will take care of you”